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  • At Nifa, we do take the discipline of learning very seriously.
  • The head, delivering a message at the new girls’ dormitory building site; project yet to commence.
  • Students enjoying the “In the chest of a woman” play.
  • The friendly and serene atmosphere at the school promotes discipline for learning.
  • For maximum impact, we believe some lessons should not be limited to the classroom.
  • The head, delivering a message at the new girls’ dormitory building site; project yet to commence
  • Awareness on traditions and culture is created at Nifa; the objective is to give students rich and balanced creative resource.
  • Diverse student ativities: Miss Nifa crowned.
  • Besides throwing a healthy challenge, we also perceive our challenges as ‘friends’. i.e within the context of attainments.
  • Students in the Debating Club is motivated by the skill of diverse thinking.
  • We are very active in sports, competing at the inter houses and inter schools levels.
  • Nifa pathways.


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Thanks for your support over the years.

There is going to be a PTA Meeting on 21st of March, 2015. All stake holders should make it a point to attend.